AWS Academy

University of Naples "Parthenope"

The University of Naples “Parthenope” has joined the AWS Academy program to offer the AWS Academy Cloud Foundations course to students starting in Summer 2022.

As an AWS Academy member institution, the University of Naples “Parthenope” has access to the AWS Academy cloud computing curriculum, developed and maintained by AWS.

The University of Naples “Parthenope”, a member of AWS Academy, will offer AWS Academy Cloud Foundations as part of its BS in “Computer Science”, MS in “Applied Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Big Data”, and in BS in “Computer Science and Engineering for Cybersecurity” programs.

AWS Academy Cloud Foundations is a course developed and maintained by AWS.

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Our Top Course

AWS Academy @ The University of Naples “Parthenope” debuts with three courses (two for beginners suggested for all students, one intermediate suggested for computer science and computer engineering students). Check this website for the availability of new courses.

Educator Getting Started with AWS Academy

  • Overview of the program
  • Technical program manager role
  • Course curriculum components

AWS Academy Introduction to Cloud: Semester 2

  • Cloud computing services, applications, and use cases.
  • Cloud computing best practices
  • Scaling technologies

AWS Academy Introduction to Cloud: Semester 1

  • AWS Services and Technologies
  • How cloud computing can skyrocket business around the globe
  • AWS Management console

The University of Naples Parthenope offers a unique opportunity to its students about the knowledge gained in cloud computing and Amazon Web Services.

AWS Academy classes can be enrolled as follows:

  • Stand-alone courses (ECTS can be claimed as extra curriculum activities and/or internships)
  • Classes that are totally or partially integrated into academic courses.
  • Elective classes (since the Academic Year 2023-2024)
After attending an AWS Academy course the students are encouraged to achieve the AWS Certification.

If you are a student at uniparthenope

  • Land a well-paid job in one of the fastest-growing industries
  • Gain skills hiring managers value
  • Receive 50% discounts on AWS Certification exams
  • Exclusive access to the Emerging Talent Community upon course completion

It you are an educator

  • Access innovative cloud courses
  • Receive complimentary AWS professional training
  • Receive 50% discounts on AWS Certification exams

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